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All I wanted was to be friends 🤷🏾‍♀️

Every thing around me kept telling me to associate more,to go out more,to be less restrictive!
So I decided to go out and make friends
Anytime I’d go out,I couldn’t summon the courage to strike a conversation with someone,so I just end up going home with no new person as my friend! 
So my junior from secondary school came visiting Abuja and we got to meet at her house.I was so desperate to have a friend that I begged that somehow she could get her sister (not really her sister but let’s leave at that) and I talking. She said that wasn’t a problem,I was excited. Like finally I’ll get to know what having “real” life friends was like as it had been a long time ’cause I only talk to my secondary school classmates with a phone.
I went home happy! 
I went visiting a day later, getting there my junior and I gisted and then I chipped in the friendship matter. Guess what she said: “oh that she said you’re not her age mate and not of her standard that I should go hangout with my age mate”
It hit me well that I was sad thinking of it about two days.
Was I really not of anyone’s standard?
Do age mates only get to hang out with themselves?…Mind you she was 22 and I was 18!
One thing she failed to realize is that hanging out and be friends had nothing to do with age nothing at all!!!
Those who you think are too young for you really may have great mind and will be able to hold good if not great conversations!
Some of us like me have things in my head that I want someone to know!
She made me realize that really some people do not deserve and that you really do not have to beg for friendships ’cause that only leaves you in debted as per se “na you want am na”
See, whatever flows flows!
When it’s time for the right person or people to hear me out and be friends with comes we’ll talk well and be good friends!
It changed me!
Do not let anyone’s opinion of you deter you rather let it make you stronger as you are of great value to yourself and to those who choose to see you as you are!


A story of a father and his children teaching appreciation

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Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

A father got back from work and his children welcomed him,he replied and asked asked what they’d like to eat for dinner and they responded saying tea and bread in excitement!
They began listing what they were going to buy. They went:Bread 100naira
Milo sachet 100naira(50,50)
Milk sachet 60naira(30,30)
Sugar 20naira all to a total of 280 naira.
The father gave them 280naira to buy everything on the list and they were overjoyed! I shook my head because I knew that what they had listed would definitely not fill their stomachs but they chose to be budget friendly to their father not minding if they’ll be satisfied or not just so far they ate bread and tea.
Normally 220naira should be spent on one child as they’re growing children but they didn’t mind going short of 220naira for their father 😊
The way they appreciated the father got to me the most and I said to myself to always be grateful for what ever it is I have, little or big,small or large.Something is something!
Be appreciative 🖤


Everything good they say doesn’t come easy 🤷🏾‍♀️
Growing up,we always asked and it was sometimes granted other times it wasn’t and in my mind I’d say my mother was unkind for not wanting to give me money or what I asked for .Well this was until I turned 17 and I began to realize how difficult and weird adulting is,then I began to appreciate my mother for the requests she granted
I used to think,when I grow up if I wanted money I’d just have to sell what I have to offer to people and they’ll just buy it,I didn’t know that some of them would need actual convincing or otherwise. If you want products you gotta go out to the field but I’m not very good at interacting with people,I panic 🤦🏾‍♀️,this I’d say is a major problem for the business path I’ve chosen!
Everyday I say in my heart,today Sylvia you are going to go out and meet people who would eventually be your clients hopefully, sometimes I go out other times I do not 🤦🏾‍♀️.When I go out eventually,I meet people and most times I cannot walk up to them to talk to them about my business (sometimes it is very depressing but I just listen to music or watch series)
I’ll never stop trying and praying because I know someday it’ll pay off!
My life ain’t perfect
I just keep thriving and hoping for the best!
I just want my brothers and mother to be very comfortable,I want to help people who have no hope!
I’ll take everything one step at a time, you should too
Cut yourself some slack,you’re doing something,give yourself credit please!
From now on when you’re down speak positive things to yourself and into existence, sleep,cry,listen to music,dance,do that which is your stress reliever but never give up! Never!
It’ll work out eventually,be patient but work fervently,pray too to find favor in the eyes of men!
Be grateful too as appreciation is the application for more 😊❤️❤️
Yours Truly

Sylvia/Light 🖤


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